Visual Level Gauges Type SNA

STAUFF level gauge type SNA in different versions and nominal sizes for optical fill level measuring in hydraulic tanks with a maximum preload pressure of 2 bar. For attaching to the outer side wall of the hydraulic tank.

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Optical level gauges type SNA

Robust design with level measurement

STAUFF level gauges from the SNA series feature a sturdy design that visually indicates the fluid levels in closed vessels with high measuring accuracy. Using the principle of communicating vessels, the oil level gauges work without power supply or cables and are therefore less prone to malfunctioning. Machine and system operators as well as maintenance and service personnel can read out the current fluid level from the level gauges at any time and without stopping the machine. The units are installed on the outside of the vessel using standard mounting with two holes and banjo bolts.

Nominal sizes and models of the level gauges type SNA

The optical level gauges are available in seven nominal sizes (lengths) from 76 to 381 mm, making them suitable for a large number of mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. For custom sizes, STAUFF can supply precision-manufactured items up to a maximum nominal size of 950 mm, starting from small batch numbers. Depending on the nominal size, the product is supplied with an undivided sight glass or with a sight glass divided into two or three sections.

STAUFF supplies the optical level gauges type SNA in the following standard version:

  • Steel housing (steel St 12/1.0330), powder-coated 

  • Single-piece, high-quality sight glass made of polyamide plastic (PA) 

  • Stopper made of polyamide plastic (PA) 

  • Seals made of NBR (Buna-N®) 

  • Scale plate made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  

These materials are approved for use with hydraulic fluids type HL and HLP on mineral oil or petroleum basis. HL oils are pressure liquids containing agents which increase corrosion protection and ageing resistance. Hydraulic oils type HLP contain additives which reduce friction wear.  

The optical level gauges type SNA have an IP65 rating and are suitable for use in a temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C. The product is optionally available in special materials suitable for applications down to -40 °C.

Variants and accessories for your specific requirements

Thanks to the numerous options, you can order the level gauge type SNA perfectly tailored to your requirements. For example: The hydraulic product is optionally available with a protective screen which is suitable for other media – such as bio oils, diesel or petrol. Alternative materials are also available for the other components. The seals, for example, can be made from FPM (Viton®), and the scale plates from aluminium. The latter can also be printed with your logo on request. As accessories for the optical level gauge type SNA, STAUFF offers different thermometers, temperature switches and temperature sensors for simultaneously determining and displaying the media temperature in the liquid vessel.

The following are available:

  • Thermometer tube in red or blue with a Celsius or Fahrenheit scale and a display range up to +80 °C/+180 °F
  • Probe thermometer (diameter of the scale 33 mm; length 200 mm or optionally 300 mm) with a Celsius or Celsius/Fahrenheit scale and a display range up to +100 °C/+200 °F (requires a special hollow screw with internal M8 thread which replaces the lower hollow screw of the level gauge)
  • Temperature switch (replaces the lower hollow screw of the level gauge)
  • Temperature sensor (replaces the lower hollow screw of the level gauge)
  • Ball float (for better indication of the liquid level)