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UNISON Pinball 50

The Unison Pinball bending machine is a hi-tech fully automated electric CNC mandrel bender suitable for bending highly complex shapes utilising its multi-head function which minimises collisions during bending - all controlled by Unibend programming, OPT2SIM simulation software and Hexagon Absolute Arm. 

  • Capacity to 50.8 mm (2’’) O.D. tube minimum wall thickness 0.9 mm
  • Tube length 6100 mm or expanded to 7300 mm 
  • Accuracy and repeatability between bends 0.1 mm / 0.05 mm
  • Accuracy and repeatability degree of bend 0.1 deg / 0.05 deg
  • Dual head left and right for collision avoidance
  • Left and right hand bending for complex shapes
  • All moving components are servo driven for accuracy and precision
  • Multi stack head for multiple tube sizes


Additional bender equipment:

  • Tracto-Technik Tubotronic 6-50.8 (2” O.D.) fully automatic PLC controlled 3-axis bender
  • Tracto-Technik Tubobend 4-16 (5/8” O.D.) PLC controlled 1-axis bender
  • Various manual benders and tube-bending jigs



A comprehensive range of 2 x D, 2.5 x D and 3 x D bend tools, ball and solid mandrels, wiper dies, custom-made tools, and bending jigs to suit metric and imperial O.D. tube and nominal bore NB pipe in various materials. 
Storage of prototypes is available for OEM customers.  

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