STAUFF Hose Production

Hose production, accessories and testing

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Contact STAUFF Technology Centre

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STAUFF Technology Centre provides complete hose production capabilities for STAUFF Flex hydraulic hose and STAUFF Hose Connectors to meet industry applications.

  • Hose measuring and cutting to DIN 20066 for 2" 6-wire and 3" industrial hose
  • Internal and external skiver - internal 5/8" – 2" / externally 3/16" – 2"
  • CNC hose crimper - range up to 1-1/4" R15 – 2" industrial hose
  • Test bench - to maximum 1600 bar
  • Finishing; inspecting, labelling, tagging, end cap protection

Production is carried out by qualified hose technicians using state-of-the-art assembly equipment.


Hose Accessories

Various hose accessories and protection options are available according to MDG41 underground coal mining standard, surface mining and other industry-based standards.        


Hose Testing 

Static pressure testing and validation certificates of each hose assembly are available according to the customer’s specifications. 

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