For the Railway Industry

STAUFF provides OEM-original equipment manufacturers with custom-designed and ready-to-install connection to connection hydraulic lines and components and supplemental services.

STAUFF Line is a complete package of components, systems and value-added services for all types of line systems in rail vehicles. The programme is designed as a scalable offer, ranging from supplying individual components to producing complex assemblies and cooperation in engineering. 

For many years, international manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the railway industry have benefited from STAUFF providing all components as a full liner, though now, with STAUFF Line, we can also take responsibility for the entire line system if desired.


STAUFF Line Advantages
  • Sourcing all required components from a single manufacturer
  • Cost benefits for procurement by reducing the number of suppliers and by concentrating ordering processes and shipments of goods
  • Reducing procurement efforts and stock of individual components on the customer side
  • Increasing efficiency by reducing assembly times
  • Improving assembly safety by eliminating the risk of assembly faults
  • Shifting the entire responsibility from connection to connection to a single manufacturer
  • Increasing the efficiency and performance of machines and equipment
  • Globally available with a high, uniform level of product and service quality through STAUFF branches and network of authorised STAUFF Line System Partners.
Tube Manipulation
  • Seamless precision tube made from carbon steel (Zistaplex®, Zista® Seal, zinc-plated, phosphated, untreated), stainless steel and special materials
  • Large variety of tube diameters and wall thickness’s
  • Optimum tube preparation from cutting and deburring to cleaning; automated bending precision
  • Cleaning of processed tubes in order to achieve specific cleanliness levels and requirements
  • Capping and protecting the tube ends


Tube Processing
  • Assembly of cutting rings
  • Flaring and forming of tube ends
  • Welding, brazing and soldering
  • Pre-assembly of additional system components (clamps, flanges, ball valves, distributors etc.)
  • Combination of several individual tubes to complex units and modules
  • Capping and protecting the tube connectors and other connection pieces


Hose Assemblies
  • All hose types commonly used in hydraulic applications
  • Hose connectors with interlocking protection
  • Optimum hose preparation from cutting and skiving to cleaning
  • Testing according to standard or customer’s specification
  • Cleaning of processed hoses in order to achieve specific cleanliness levels and requirements
  • Capping and protecting the hose connectors


  • Independent application consulting and engineering
  • Active support with the selection of suitable components in consideration of technical and economic criteria
  • Analysis and optimization of existing and design and development of new systems, units and modules

Procurement and Supply
  • Provision of individually coordinated procurement solutions (e.g. web shop and electronic data interchange, EDI)
  • Use of individually coordinated supply models (e.g. from warehousing of customised components to Kanban logistics and just-in-time delivery of components, systems, units and modules to the assembly lines of the customers or their suppliers by using specially designed load carriers)
  • Optimally selected supply schedules and volumes
  • Individual packaging units
  • Customer-specific marking and signing of parts, packaging and load carriers

Note: These services are not available at all STAUFF locations.