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Defence & Marine


STAUFF is a leading manufacturer of precision high-pressure pipework and components. STAUFF’s pipe supports and hanger management systems incorporate tube bending and weldless end-forming processes, reducing weight and maximising reliability under extreme conditions. Additional STAUFF components include a comprehensive range of DIN2353 fittings, hydraulic accessories and pipe couplings supplied for use in defence and marine applications; with military certification and shock-test approvals designed to reduce weight, hot work and space allocation while providing low acoustic outputs and enhanced corrosion protection. 

STAUFF’s dedicated global projects division works in cooperation with defence and marine prime contractors, design, and engineering teams to develop commercially available products and further develop them to meet full military and commercial specifications and approval. All products are manufactured considering commercial and defence requirements relating to MOTS - Manufactured off-the-shelf solutions, local content, global supply chain network and through life support. 

All products supplied by STAUFF for defence and marine applications influence the reduction/minimisation of one or more of the following five (5) key elements to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment is paramount. 

STAUFF Hanger Management Systems

  • STAUFF Block Clamps
  • STAUFF Noise and Vibration Reducing NRC Block Clamps
  • STAUFF Multi-Line Clamps
  • STAUFF Pipe Hanger and U-Bolt type fixing systems
  • Preventative Fire Protection



STAUFF Connect Fitting Systems

  • STAUFF Press - Combined Cutting Ring Assembly & 37° Tube Flaring Machine
  • STAUFF Form EVO - Tube Forming System
  • STAUFF Press - Portable Cutting Ring Assembly Machine with Manual Pressure Setting

STAUFF Technology Centre Capabilities

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